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A company consisting of two key brands. In 50,000 square metres of factory buildings and with the support of 350 employees, consolidating a growing turnover for over 70 million euros. The group works every day with maximum professionalism and know-how, ready to answer to all your printing needs. Over 1,000 clients generating over 50,000 tons paper printed each year in furnishing, design, fashion, art and culture sectors trust us and have chosen us for the quality of our products and the efficiency of our services. Our portfolio is our trademark, our expertise is our strength and these make us unique within the printing industry.


Catalogues Brochures Art Books Magazines School books GDO Flyers Newspapers Free-press Offset and digital manuals


Offset Printing • 49 Printing Unit

Roto Printing and Roto offset • 114 Printing Unit

Digital Printing • Colours

Digital printing • Black & White



Green Soul

Innovation and technology experimentation are integral part of the identity of the Printing department of PiginiGroup, not just in relations to our printing machines. In fact, thanks to the most advanced techniques aimed at producing clean, precious and sustainable energy, we are able to reduce harmful CO2 emissions.



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  T. +39 071 9747511 - VIA BRECCE - 60025 LORETO ITALY

T. +39 0742 394511 - VIA TODI LOC. TORRE MATIGGE - 06039 TREVI ITALY
  T. +39 071 7500739 - VIA BRECCE - 60025 LORETO ITALY

T. +39 051 4592111 - VIA E. MATTEI 106 - 40138 BOLOGNA ITALY

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