Musical Instruments

The company's extraordinary masterpiece.


The renowned company from Recanati, currently experiencing unprecedented growth, exceeded a turnover €50 million in 2018. The result of an adventure, or rather of an extraordinary company "score", it has nevertheless managed to preserve its artisanal soul despite its current dominant position and market changes occurring at the speed of sound. Founded in 1959 by the genius of the late Oliviero Pigini, Eko has, over time, expanded and perfected an entire range of sophisticated musical instruments. From the historic 6 and 12-string guitars that have delighted us and above all introduced whole generations to the pleasure of music, becoming travel companions of prestigious national and international musicians, to the new frontiers of product research and design: from amplifiers to audio systems, to mixers for every requirement, domestic or professional, underpinned by the distribution of instruments and accessories of every type and for every need. To name just a few of our many brands: Korg, Marshall, Akai, Celestion, Montarbo, Sony, Dunlop, Sonor, Studiologic. We could go on. Almost to infinity. 


Via Brecce
60025 Loreto (AN) Italy 


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