Join us on an amazing journey into the world of the Pigini Group, whose inception half a century ago in the heart of Le Marche was inspired by a passion for excellence, creating an authentic industrial network appreciated all over the world. Printing, educational and traditional publishing. Food and wine publications. Educational material for hotel schools. Training courses in Italian Culture. Discover our multiple specialities. Happy surfing!

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Tecnostampa, Rotopress


With an obsession for the highest quality standards, we print "value" regardless of the size of the job: from flat offset and rotary printing to digital printing and bookbinding services. The power of an industrial-scale partner with the same customer-focussed attention to detail of a boutique print shop. 



Andersen The Premedia Company is the omnichannel communications agency for our retail customers. Developing graphic and creative concepts and products for rapid and effective brand communication. High-quality ‘just-in-time’ digital printing, in medium and small format for every type of point-of-sale display, and in particular for the large-scale retail trade. 



Educational publishing is at the very heart of our values: since the 70's Eli has been the major international player for school publishing; Alma Plan, a guiding light for food culture and education; our Infinity Campus, an innovative school for Italian language and culture that attracts students from all over the world.

Don Pigini

The group

Don Lamberto Pigini (1924-2021) founder of the Pigini Group, dedicated his lifetime to "innovating" the future. Today, more than 550 employees work in his group.

"We must always have something unique and original to offer and improve over time, the so-called ‘wow factor’. But to have this requires research and training, an unwavering conviction that it is something essential for the company to survive and prosper. Without research and without innovation, there is no future" (Don Lamberto Pigini)

Thank you for paying us a visit, albeit virtually. Our headquarters, located in an area of over 50,000 square meters, is in the province of Ancona, 3 kilometres from the Sanctuary of the Holy House of Loreto. We’re looking forward to sharing the magical warmth and scent of your freshly-printed documents with you, hot off the press, and show you the value our products and services can bring to your business. Call us now.

Pigini Group
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