Premedia Division

Andersen - The Premedia Company is a 360° advertising agency. Within the same company you can find both the creative element that invents advertising campaigns, graphic formats and restyling of corporate communication, as well as the service dedicated to the layout, whether it be graphics, catalogues or flyers.

Recognised as the leading agency in Italy, Andersen The Premedia Company, works mainly in the world of Retail and Mass Retail Trade, managing the advertising of about 80% of the Italian mass retail channels.

It is not limited to the production of printed flyers, but has a rich production of dematerialized flyers for the Web and e-commerce. It is also the first Italian agency to use layout software, certifying the company's aptitude for technology.

The use of online layout systems and telematic in-design allow data to be treated more efficiently and quickly. Thanks to the work of about 100 employees (70 in the graphics area, 3 in the digital printing area), today it is possible for the customers of Andersen The Premedia Company to have up to 300 different advertising campaigns to be distributed in 300 different outlets: in fact, the company also deals with material logistics.

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60025 Loreto (AN) Italy 


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